Wine Country Investigations

When it comes to finding a team of professional private fraud investigators to help you with all of your workers’ compensation and personal injury claims, you need someone that you can trust. We at Wine Country Investigations pride ourselves on offering the most thorough and skillful investigative services in the region.

Our team can help you to collect, organize, and then represent the facts supporting your case, thereby helping to strengthen and bolster your position in regards to rejecting your employee’s fraudulent claim for compensation. Our experience in the industry means that we know exactly the information that is required; this means that our clients have far better developed cases than their workers, helping to ensure that you will never have to pay out on a claim that has no basis.

Our primary areas of interest revolve around uncovering evidence proving that the plaintiff is able to partake in activities that their supposed injury should prevent. The reports that we draw up following on from our investigations are always of the highest quality and clearly show all of the important information that we have uncovered, laid out in your format of choice.

We use numerous different monitoring strategies in order to help you make your case. We can offer covert surveillance services as well as monitoring the individual’s social media. We carry out thorough background checks and conduct interviews with witnesses and neighbors. In some particularly difficult cases, we can even skip trace the plaintiff in order to uncover information that will disprove their claims.


Once the claimant has proven to be fraudulent in their claim and accusations then you are able to take the case to a civil court. Opening a civil lawsuit will allow you to claim back our fees from the claimant.
Our team at Wine Country Investigations take a professional approach to AOE and COE investigations. We pride ourselves on following one of the most detailed sets of standards in the industry, which is why we are the best local team to help you determine the origins of an injury and whether or not it occurred during the working hours and in the workplace.
The first step that we always take is to review the compensation claim that the business’ employee has filed. After this point, we will then look to analyze the different duties that the employee’s job role entails; this helps us to determine whether they were acting within their duties.
Following on from the review process, we then aim to obtain testimonies from witnesses to the accident, while also interviewing neighbors to the claimant for any information that might prove to be beneficial. Following on from this, we finish our investigation by carrying out general surveillance on the employee and conducting background research into them.