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For people looking to make a well-informed business or personal decision, having a background check conducted can be your first line of defense against the possibly of making a detrimental decision. Wine Country Investigations offers a variety of background check services including but not limited to criminal records, pre-employment hires, as well as full scale background investigations.

Why You Should Hire Professionals To Conduct Background Checks

When it comes to getting background checks for your new employees, there are a number of reasons why you should hire a professional to help you. Many people think that they can carry out their own background checks.

However, in reality, the information that private individuals can uncover on their own is often misleading. This so-called ‘information’ is usually full of untruths or is otherwise incomplete and unhelpful.

Other Aspects That Can Be Checked

There are many other aspects that your private investigator can check about a job applicant. These aspects include:

Criminal Record Background Checks
There should be no doubting that having your new employees’ or someone that you are suspicious of , criminal records checked being a vital tool to make the right decision. Having someone’s criminal record checked by a skilled private investigator will help you to ensure that your company and or yourself is secure from the risk of theft or any other form of deceit. In addition to this, you will also help to ensure that your other employees or personal relationships will be safe.

Litigation Background Checks
It is a well known fact that lawsuits against employers can cost excessively high amounts on a yearly basis, and this can be of great concern to many employers. As such, any actions that can be taken to reduce the chance of litigation being filed against the employer, a background check should be carried out by a skilled private investigator. A private investigator will be able to find out information about the applicant by using a comprehensive civil background investigation, which will reveal whether the applicant has a habit for making fraudulent or falsified claims.

Employment And Reference History
Your new applicant may have made a number of claims about their previous employment
history and may even have provided falsified references in order to support their employment
claims. While the majority of candidates will not have done this, it is always worth checking a
candidate’s honesty prior to hiring them. This can be done by hiring a private investigator to help you dynamically check the information that has been offered to you. In addition, your private investigator will help you to decide on a set of questions that will help you to test the honesty of the claims.

Education Background Check
Job applicants can make many different claims about their education history. You should always ensure that your company hires someone with the relevant qualifications for the job role.

Ensuring that you have checked the background history of your new employees or a person warranting suspicion, is key to fulfilling your obligation to your business or yourself. If you decide that private investigator services might be right for your business or to be the deciding factor in a very important personal descision, choose us at Wine Country Investigators!